Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meat-pie, salad and my eleventh shawl this year!

Excellent meatpie, a beautiful green salad with red onion and ...

A new shawl!!!!! Aurora fell in love with my friend Tuulia´s and I happened to have the right yarn!!!

It´s Revontuli from Ulla, a finnish net magazine!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 23rd

                           Yesterday was my birthday.... and this was my cake...

                                          And this wonderful letter came in the mail...

A handmade handkerchief, old 20 finnish marks

                                             and a lovely letter written on handmade paper!

                       The money is from 1945 and signed by... my grandfather!

                                                        Turning 27 is not so bad! =)

Friday, August 20, 2010

More shawls...

Shawls... my Daybreak II was started

on the day before leaving Finland...

good travel knitting...and I finished it

four days later!!! Not bad... =)

It is made with lovely thick Abuelita Merino Silk using
size 6 needles.

Then there is a scarf/shawl that I finished before
Finland, Summit from Knitty, using Posh Yarns
wonderful cashmere... my mother took this as soon as
she saw it! =)
             Another Summit is on the needles  already (great carry-along knitting)

                             and there has been a lot of spinning...  more on that later...=)

Vacation in Finland is over...

It was fun...