Friday, April 29, 2011

One of my favourite books as a child

This book was printed in 1956, the original is in french, and it is based on the movie...

It totally fascinated me as a child... so sad and yet so ... not sad.
Does anyone else recognize it? Is anyone there as old as I am? =)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Eternity Project

Last summer my mother saw the Jali cardigan in Interweave Knits and said she wanted one. We bought some yarn for it then and there, but after I returned to Italy I decided to change and bought some gorgeous Lane Borgosesia Alpaca
I hated knitting the thing!!! The figure on the back crumpled up and it was really hard to judge lengths and widths and the frigging thing was not ready at Christmas!
At Easter mom came here, for six days... on the very last night I finished the cardigan... we photographed it just as she was leaving for Rome (At the B&B where she was staying)

Not bad for almost 84! And the cardigan is nice too... only 400 grams of softest alpaca...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Treasurehunt 2011

As every year The Easter Bunny had put up a little treasure hunt for Minerva... 
It all started on the terrace with this note on the Ficus beniamina tree:

  The theme seemed to be duckies... there was a little basket with        some on the smallest ducks inside:

  The first clue sent us the bathroom, where we found more duckies

 And on the wall a beautiful collecting folder to store her  drawings... and clue number 2:

 Which sent us to the steps that lead to Aurora's loft, and found yet  more duckies, some candy and lollipops... and underneath the steps clue 3

  Which took us to the dvd player and an Uncle Scrooge dvd...

  In the dvd there were some Hello Kitty badges and clue 4

 This took us to the courtyard, and a BIG package ,more duckies and clue 5

  Back to the terrace again!!! How did we miss these the first time? 

  And hidden on the steps we found Hello Kitty stickers and clue 6!

  And back inside!!! Rubber duckies were  climbing the steps to our   loft...

  Up the stairs and the final clue!!! (ignore the mess please...)

  And there they were! In the corner were four big Easter eggs, one for each child! (so what if they're 21, 19 ,18 and 11?) =)

  And then Minerva opened her package that had been hidden in the court yard!!! The mystery of why-the-duckies was resolved!!! A beautiful goose to hang in her room!!! Here she's watching over us while we eat! 

  I hope everyone had a lovely time yesterday... we even managed to make our Easter grass grow this year, in time!!! =)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Yesterday's table was filled with cheeses, salamis, vegetables and       zucchini bread rolls... dessert was strawberry ice cream, lemon ice cream or pistacchio ice cream... some had all three! =)

Monday, April 18, 2011


Today it's her collection of rubber duckies... 

That's my Easter tablecloth underneath all the duckies and games... can't see it much... =)


The rain has stopped and the sun is shining but there are no words for the election results in Finland... so I'll say no more, and will try to brighten the day with some wisteria... just snapshots by the cave-man with his pocket camera...

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Cannellini beans in water overnight

Then into a pot with some celery, carrots and an onion, a dash of olive oil

And after a few hours, seasoning an a quick whirl with the Minipimer...

Some zucchini bread, and voila'... Sunday lunch is ready!

It's drizzling outside and it's quite cool, so having soup is still OK.

Friday, April 15, 2011


I did a little exchange of skeins with a friend, and just look at all the extra yummies she put in the box!!!

All things one misses when away from Finland... THANK YOU!!!

And then some quicky knitting... Little Things by Veera Välimäki, knitted in 100% merino sock yarn from Handu in the 'Laps olen köyhän' colourway...

I love the way the edge striped and the rest pooled... funfunfun!