Sunday, May 27, 2012

Need time to read

Definitely ready for summer vacation... as soon as she comes home from school she dives into her book, knowing that after lunch it'll be homework until the evening...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ten objects from Finland

Katja asked me to show ten objects that have travelled in my suitcase from Finland... I've eliminated the more obvious ones like Moomin mugs and Fiskars scissors and puukko knives since those have already been used...

Marimekko bowls... there are another three in Finland waiting to be brought back... 
'Haudutuskattila' (in english?) for making porridge or soft scrambled eggs and such...
A funny gnome toy, to guard our living room

Marimekko... in all sorts sizes and shapes (sheets, t-shirts, dresses, tablecloths, bags, etc)
Each of my children has been gifted his or her very own guardian gnome as soon as they were born...
The kid's name on the hat and the gnomes name on the bottoms 
Hannu Koskinen's Block lamp, a gift from my mother
Anne Paso's birds under the tree this year on the 6th of January
And loads of finnish children's books... these are Tatu and Patu books on the left and Mauri Kunnas books on the right. (Remember I have four kids so these have been brought in suitcases in the past 20 years)

And last but not least a yarn swift so useful for a knitter. This one had to be screwed apart to fit it into the suitcase.
Minerva remembered that her 'best friends' are both made in Finland by a lovely lady who looks like an elf sitting in her little store making puppets and things... Rudolph is on the left here, and Squicheren is on the right with a patch made of half a walnut (he was losing his eye so we took him to be adjusted) These guys travel with us ALWAYS!