Monday, September 22, 2014


Temppelikatu 15/ Oksasenkatu 1
Where my mother's parents lived,
still my very favourite part of Helsinki.

September in Helsinki

Teemu Selänne

Last week we were fortunate enough to attend a happening! The publication of a book on Teemu Selänne, a legend for anyone who follows ice hockey!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sky and reflections

Metsäpäivä - Forest Day

The differences in the school systems between Italy and Finland are becoming clearer day by day.
Yesterday was Forest day and today they are exploring the bog or swamp. Loads of measurements to be taken, plants and trees to be recognised and collected and fun to be had.
And then, as homework, the plants must be put to dry... in a few weeks time they will be taken to school and catalogued in everyone's private herbarium.

Needless to say Minerva was pretty happy and anxious to catch up with everyone else's knowledge of plants and trees.
The first impressions are that school in Italy is theory, school in Finland is concrete. The atmosphere is much more relaxed. Teacher's are called with first names and the kid's are expected to be responsible, not just obey orders. So far so good, we'll see what the next weeks bring.