Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I was sitting at the computer yesterday, and then got up and walked by a basket in which my little one keeps her little animals and there was a black snake beside the basket! For a fraction of a second I thought it was one of the kids toys, you know, left over from when the boys were small, and then I realized it was the real thing!!!!
I screamed and jumped on the stairs and grabbed the phone (Meanwhile Mr. Snake headed away from me towards some boxes and things) and called the cave-man who suddenly turned into a knight in shining armour and came to rescue me!!!
I am not joking when I say that it took us atleast an hour to find the stupid reptile and all the time I was afraid of it being me who'd find him!!! I really didn't want to see him anymore, but I was also prepared to empty the whole house: There was no way I was going to share my home even for a moment!
Anyway... Mr Snake was taken outside very carefully and freed into the wild, and I was left with the whole living-room in a mess (more than usual). All the while Oliver, our cat, slept and did nothing to help, even though he has been known to bring live snakes home.

PS: I thought about posting a photo of a similar snake, but... no, I really don't like snakes...

PPS. This is the front door now... with a nice blocking system...=) No more open doors for me!


villapeikko said...

Pelkäsinkin jo näkeväni tässä käärmekuvan :D Mun reaktio olisi ollut hyvin samanlainen.

Nina said...

Hyi. Mulle riitti kun meidän kellarissa vilitsi hiirulainen (vai mikälie päästäinen se nyt sitten olikaan) toissapäivänä. Raukkaparka pääsi kylläkin hengestään kun jäi loukkuun muutamaa tuntia myöhemmin.

tikru said...