Monday, April 26, 2010


This colourful box was waiting for me when I came home today! The mailman had left it on the porch because he knows that I'd hate to wait until tomorrow!
I opened the box immediatly (no patience whatsoever!) and pulled out this lovely postcard... Helsinki in the summer♥♥♥

Look at all the stuff that was inside!!!!! The theme of the exchange was even numbers and 27 euros (yeah, right) and the sender was not to reveal her identity in the package...
First I pulled out a beautiful skein of Finnish eco wool, a skein of lace weight ...

And look at all the goodies!!! All finnish and all YUMMY!!!! I'll never be able to hide these from the kids! And all were in pairs!
Then two little envelopes from Succaplokki... four stitchmarkers and a WIP, which I didn't have!

Then I pulled out two tin boxes... one is a hand-cream and the other a candybox cover... both will end up in my bag... ♥ and a lemon-oat soap as well that smells SO good! (I love lemons)

And last, but not least, under all these incredible things, there lay ten (yes, TEN) little skeins of Finnish fibre to spin in a wonderful natural colour. I think I'll sleep with these... =)
So... guess who's really really happy today???
I immediatly went to the computer on Ravelry and to the Kahelit group and tiik a little look around... and guessed right on the first go! Thank you to Hanna for THE PERFECT PACKAGE!!!
I don't really know how I guessed, more intuition than braincells...=)

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misa said...

Woohoo, you're a lucky person, what a great idea this kind of exchange !