Saturday, November 27, 2010

The magic of making yarn!

It started with a gorgeous fibre dyed by Tuulia from Knitlob's Lair...

                   ...which was so easy to spin that even I made yarn-looking yarn...

     ... and then I knitted a simple cowl from it!!! (Better photographs when I can get someone to pose)

                                           Makes one feel very... capable!   =)


Nina said...

Ää-äh, mun on _pakko_ saada rukki!

beatrice De said...

Somtime in the fiel beside my studio, there are sheeps. As the keeper like me, he gives me all the wool when he *cats* his sheeps.
So I send it to Suisse German to clean and * carder* ( not kniw the name in inglish. never did that in England).) So when it cames back from Suisse Gernam il look as your first photo but in naturel color.

I will use this time to line un cote done with samples of *ameublement*? materiel, in *hot* colors.

Of course I will put it on the blog * Les tricots........ *

Thank having becoming a follower. Sorry for my brocken english