Friday, December 10, 2010

One more week

One more week and we're off for our Christmas vacation... Finnair gave me a scare with the stewardess' strike which lasted 8 days, but luckily the strike ended last night! They have a week to get things back on track because I'd rather not have delays and things...

Oliver, our dear cat is not well... He's been to the vet here but even though he's better and has stopped losing weight, but somethig is a little wrong and I'm worried sick... He has an appointment at the cat clinic in Finland as soon as possible... and I worry and buy him chicken breasts and things that I know he likes... worried worried... =(

And on a happier note... I received a lovely photo of Luca... Can't wait to see him!


elisagurumi said...

hope your cat will get better as soon as possible.. I love so much cats.. enjoy your holidays and relax with your family.. please, show us the pictures you'll take in Finland, I'm so curious about it! I love Northern Europe Countries, but never been there.

beatrice De said...

Whent to Prague for Chritmass. The i have before Ihave been landing, theb airport was closed. What a luck.