Friday, January 21, 2011


When your vacation has passed worrying about your cat and trying to be there for all the kids coping with their feelings, and your family has gone back home and you had to stay behind because the cat cannot fly too soon after his operation, then arrives a friend from hundreds of kilometers with a train and cheers you up: Red wine, junkfood, internet, 'Sex In The City', wool and knitting... till the morning!
And she brings along lovely gifts too... and makes you forget your woes... thank you Mari, for existing! =)

                                               A beautiful box full of buttons!

                                  Two incredibly soft skeins of ecological wool in a perfect grey:

                                                  And three balls of yarn to try out:

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tikru said...

Snif :) Ikävä tuli heti kovasti.
Kiitos itsellesi.