Monday, January 28, 2013

Hats ... lots of hats!

Tangled River by Woolly Wormhead

                                  Karpalo by Tuulia Salmela

                                         Encircled by Woolly Wormhead

                                         Ruche Beret by Susan B. Anderson

                                                    Collision by Tora Frøseth

                                              Pauline by Kristen Hanley Cardozo

                                                   Bedrock by Stephen West


TiinaK said...

Lovely hats! I think I need to knit Tangled river for myself :) Pauline is beautiful on Mini!

Neulisti said...

No huh, ihan parit myssyt! Aivan ihania värejä, niin eläväisiä. Ja todella kauniita pipoja. :)

beatrice De said...

It look cold in your couintry !

I use to knit a lot. They are all on my blog * les tricots....

Katju said...

Upeita pipoja!