Thursday, May 21, 2009


These funny little fish swim on walls and fences here. Someone has been painting them allover the place, and even though it's illegal graffiti, I really think they're cute and they make me smile!!! I'll keep photographing them as they appear in front of me. Often they are on tiny country roads, so I've told my kids to hunt for them too!
And while driving around I saw this one and ofcourse it had to be photographed too!!!


tikru said...


Elena said...

Tuolta Tikrun kautta tanne.

Nuo kalat nayttavat vahan hempeilta ja unelmoivilta. Tykkaan grafiiteista ja monesti ne saavat muuten niin tylsat sementtiseinat elamaan. Tietysti ne tohrimiset ovat erikseen.

Terveisia Laziosta.

picperfic said...

I love to look at graffiti too...some amazing artists out there!