Saturday, May 16, 2009


My LYS is in Maglie (LE) ,about 18km from Castro, and it's tiny, it's messy and it's full, but Maria Antonietta will find anything and everything. She has a storage room in the back, which is off-limits, but must be an incredible place because she disappears in there, and comes out with arms full of yarn!


tikru said...

Loistava paikka. Täynnä lankaa.

misa said...

waouh ! such a great place, full of treasure, you're lucky !

YowlYY said...

This is so typical of the Italian shops - the one I tend to go to when I am in Cagliari is just the same. There isn't much effort given to display,however all the shelves are packed full with packs of yarn and every visit ends up with bags of yarn brought home because you just can't resist ;-)