Sunday, December 6, 2009


Oliver found a trolley, ready to leave for Finland!

Oliver on my shawls, best place in the world to sleep!

Oliver in the shopping-bag, full of the same shawls!


Artesanity said...

He's so cute! Reminds me of our cat Jameson, hee looked the same, blue-gray fur... we had to give him away 'couse of step-fathers allergies. That was a sad day. The cat was so SMART!

villapeikko said...

:D Ihana kissa!

Lissu said...

Hyvàà (Suomen) itsenàisyyspàivàn iltaa! Sain vihdoinkin blogisi auki. Luin kaikki postaukset làhtien 30.09. Monenlaista mukavaa nàin juhlapàivàn kunniaksi. Miaauuu!