Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wonderful FO's

This is a gorgeous pattern fron one of my favourite blogs,
the pattern is called sev(en) circle
The yarn is from The softest most luscious alpaca in strong vibrant colours... luckily I have more skeins, because this is a Christmas present for my stylish, modern 82-year old mother!
And this my Sylvi by my absolutely favourite blogger and friend

This was fun to knit, relatively quick and I only wish it were a bit longer... or maybe I should be shorter! I changed the cuffs, but otherwise followed the perfect pattern!

I could definitely make another of these! =)
How do you like the clovers in almost December? Gorgeous green, huh? =)


WeirdRockStar said...

Flabberghasted to say the least. Every time I see another Sylvi, the ingeniousity of this design gets more and more pronounced.
The color gray only makes it more sophisticated and toned down. Absolute fabulousity. I feel the need to perform a standing ovation.

Nina said...

U.P.E.A. Sylvi! Mulla on ollu Sylvin ohje jo vaikka kuinka ja kauan, mutta enpä vielä oo saanu tehtyä. (ehkä lähinnä siitä syystä ettei oo ollu varaa ostaa lankoja siihen, hoitovapaalla kun ei liiemmin mitään ylimääräistä osteltu, you know..) Kyllä mä vielä joskus sen neulon, uskokaa pois. :)