Thursday, November 19, 2009

Roasted chestnuts and cheerful wool!!!

The smell of roasted chestnuts is very much part of winter for me, and the kids love them!
I was feeling a bit blue today, too much time spent at home, so I drove the 18km to my yarn store to see what was new! I really didn't need yarn, but... the light grey was so pretty... 8 balls, the red was GORGEOUS... 10 balls, and the white looked good with the other two! ( I have black in stash) So...
And I bought three balls each of Filatura di Crosa Hyrcus in grey ,this past summer, for friend and me, and I'm dreaming of a shawl in two colours, so I got two balls in black! ( would you my friend, like some too?)
At this point I had just enough money to buy three balls of mozzarella at the dairy, still warm and oozing milk so that's what we had for lunch with crusty bread and tomatoes!
How soft yarn and warm mozzarella and chestnuts can do to make a blue day become cheerful!!!

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tikru said...

äläpä houkuttele.. mut se kaksvärinen shaali tosta hyrcuksesta.. oon miettiny pääni puhki et mihin haluan laittaa.