Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Story of the Gnomes that live with us

A long time ago, caveman's great grandfather met a gnome couple during his travels, and brought them home with him, to his garden overlooking the sea here in Southern Italy.

My children have been enjoying these gnomes for all their lives, and every now and then one of them takes little presents of food and things and they always receive something in return. These are not Santa's gnomes, but they do give little presents on the first Sunday of the advent, and then they have been known to surprise with a Easter set up as well! We've never actually seen them, but we know they are there, somewhere near the pine tree in the photograph, so that is were we leave them little things.

This what Minerva took them the other day, some walnuts and a tangerine laying on a fig leaf, because neither grows down in the garden and in the winter they must need some extra food.

The next day she found this:

The tangerine had been peeled and had disappeared along with one walnut and the other walnut half had been made into a little toy!!!

When you lightly press the stick, it makes a twanging sound in the walnut half!!!! Guess which little girl tresures her little 'toy' as much as if it were made of gold???
I believe in Santa Claus and in gnomes, because the world would be a much duller place without them!!!!

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