Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rav-exchange/ KuTu-vaihto

I participated in an exchange among finnish knitter's and I received the most wonderful package from doksi! The theme was Roald Dahl's 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' and boy were the kids happy!!!

A nice long letter with exerpts from the book, and a Rolli card, whuich she said looked like her ravatar... (It actually helped my guessing)

And all these lovely things inside:
Two skeins of Pirkka yarn , the colour
of the chocolate river,
a skein (hand-dyed?) of blueberry coloured yarn, the colour that Violet turns,
and two skeins of green Drops Alpaca, the colour of the 'grass' in the factory,
three bars of the world's best milk chocolate (Fazer), and an insane amount of salmiakki and licorice!!! (bars and lollipops)
also a Harry Potter (my other favourite) lucky coin
Absolutely perfect package, especially since I started a yarn diet... more about that at a later date...) Thank you doksi!!!!


Nina said...

Ooh, ihanuutta!

Karoliina said...

Vähän upea paketti!

Artesanity said...

Tuo mustikan värinen on niin namua :P


KIITOS ihanasta vaihtopaketista. Näytät itsekin saaneen ihanan paketin ;O)