Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Le Cesine - Rare family outing!

Since the cave-man has worked in his hotel every weekend since forever, we rarely have had the pleasure of Sunday outings... now we can!!! =)

With Minerva feverish, and two cars (we don't fit in one anymore) we took off to the Cesine national park where the local WWF had organized some gathering...

We had five Nikons and one video camera with us... these are my photos! :


This is what the kids were photograghing: ;)


tikru said...

Hah :) tuo tein kamerasaldo näyttää hyvälle. mitä ne muksut kuvas siinä yhdessä kaikki kolme?

Ihania kuvia.

tea said...

Lisasin sulle Lucan kuvan... siis siita mita ne kuvas...=)

tikru said...

:) tänks. hieno