Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The party afterwards!

We had invited some very dear friends for a lovely buffet after the church function and loads of good food and wine!
Salmon: Heaps and heaps of gravad lax which we had prepared two days before, everyone LOVED it!

The salads: lentil and goat's cheese, pasta with pesto and oven-rosted tomatoes, bulghur and feta and saffron-scented chicken pilaf... there was also a wonderful coleslaw but no photo!

And flourless choclatecake, strawberries, whipped cream

and a fruitcake!


Artesanity said...

The salmon looks sooooo delicious! I mean really! Nothing like that fatty stuff you can get in stores here.

And the sallads looks great too!

So hungry....

villapeikko said...

mmmm, nam, nälkä.

Karoliina said...

Those food pictures are making me drool. It all looks amazing!

Nina said...

Vähäks tuli nyt nälkä. :)