Wednesday, February 16, 2011


 Today Roberta lost her battle with cancer...
She was by far one of the very best people I ever met, a good friend and a wonderful knitter, always ready to learn more.

 Not so long ago she borrowed my japanese craft books, and when she returned them she gave me this: A little capelet from one of the books, adorned with the most beautiful button from her collection.

I will miss her always, and her very distinctive laugh, like chiming bells, will always be in my heart. 
And this little capelet will be cherished...

Boy this year is rough so far!


san said...

Voi :(
Vaate on kaunis ja lämmittää varmaan kaksin verroin.

Toivottavsti loppuvuosi menee iiseissä tunnelmissa. *hal*

Anonymous said...


Noora said...

Osanottoni :(